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Our Precious Recipe

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When Liz and Kim founded Liz Earle Beauty Co. back in 1995, they understood the importance of people – not only their customers, but their employees, the suppliers they chose and the partners they worked with, too.

From that very first day, they took the time to find the best people with the right skills, and most importantly, with the right attitude to help the business grow, working to continually delight our customers.

In this spirit, together with their small team, they created our Precious Recipe – a collection of the special ingredients that make us who we are. It’s this Precious Recipe that guides and shapes every decision made across the business, by everyone from our customer advisors to members of our executive team.

Today, our Precious Recipe continues to inspire us every day, in everything we do.

As the company grew, Liz and Kim worked with the team to encapsulate this approach to our business and bring it to life. The result is our 'Precious Recipe' – the special ingredients that make us who we are.

We care more

Care is a fundamental part of who we are – whether caring for our customers and their skin, caring for our employees, ensuring that they are motivated and happy, or caring for the world in which we live by sourcing responsibly and being aware of our environmental impact.

In our day-to-day work, we show care by the way in which we coach and support our team – we know that life doesn’t always run smoothly and so we’re here for each other. We listen to and respect each other, but at the same time we’re a critical friend to our colleagues when it is for the greater good of our brand and our customers.

We never settle

We live by the motto ‘better than yesterday, every day’. We embrace the opportunity to review our progress, to be creative and innovative in our thinking, to understand what worked and what didn’t, and crucially, to understand whether what we did worked for our customer. We have belief and pride in our inspirational products, and are dedicated to helping customers experience the difference they can make to their everyday lives. We know we’re not perfect but the more we do, the better we get.

We are one team

We’ve grown a bit since our ‘famous five’ that worked alongside Liz and Kim in the early days. Today, we are a team of close to 1000 people across the UK, but we’ve still retained an ethos of ‘one team’. Our leadership style is both personal and approachable and help is never far away. Everyone’s time and opinion matters, and every member of our team has the power and opportunity to make a difference.

The story of our logo

We Care More - Our delicate borage flower represents our caring, nurturing nature – looking after the small details and watching them grow

We Never Settle - Our botanical leaves symbolise growth and expansion, never settling and reaching higher.

We Are One Team - Our roundel symbolises togetherness, unity and teamwork. One winning team.