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The wellness benefits of journaling

Some people meditate. Others like to run. But increasingly, we’re turning to journaling as an affordable and accessible way to check in with our mental wellbeing – documenting thoughts and plans and getting organised in the process.

Environmental Defence Cream SPF

Why we’re removing PEGs from our skincare

We’ve made some changes to improve our ingredient transparency. We understand that increasingly customers want to use only the most gentle, naturally derived ingredients on their skin.

Environmental Defence Cream SPF

Four common SPF myths debunked

Do you know your SPF facts from your fiction? You might think you’ve got it covered, but these common misconceptions can put a block on the best planned skincare routine.

Experience a relaxing facial massage

Experience a relaxing facial massage

We’ve always known that there’s more to your skincare routine than achieving a glowing complexion – though don’t get us wrong, it’s still important!

Gentle Face Exfoliator

We’ve never used microbeads – and here’s why

When the ban on microbeads in rinse-off and personal care products came into effect in 2018, it was much applauded by the team at Liz Earle Beauty.

Body cream picture

Celebrating International Womens Day

Happy International Women's Day! As a company that’s made up of a predominantly female workforce, we couldn’t let this day go by without a celebration of the amazing women who work for us.


What to pack in your festival beauty bag

Festival season is officially back in full swing – hurrah! it’s time to dust off the tent and start getting everything prepped – including your beauty bag.

Beautiful hair starts with Botanical Shine™

Beautiful hair starts with Botanical Shine™

A 3-step beauty routine doesn’t just apply to your skin. Your hair is just as important when it comes to looking and feeling your finest – and at Liz Earle Beauty, we believe that botanicals do it best.

Skin Repleneshing Body Balm

The nourishing routine your body deserves

As the first thing we see when we look in the mirror, it’s common for our faces to get the lion’s share of care and attention when it comes to beauty routines.

Five upcycling ideas to try today

Five upcycling ideas to try today

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s one of the reasons we’ve always sought to reduce waste in our supply chain by upcycling botanical by-products wherever possible.

Skin Repleneshing Body Balm

Go behind the scenes with James Wong

For someone who has been fascinated by the beneficial uses of plants since I was a kid, working as the Liz Earle Beauty Co. Ethnobotanist is a dream job.

Winter Facial Treatments

Winter treatment recommendations from our experts

Trying to decide what your mask match will be with winter on the horizon? Finding the right one can take time, especially during the coldest season of all.

Winter Facial Treatments

Achieve healthy-looking skin with a personalised routine

‘How to get healthy skin?’ Probably one of the most searched questions on the internet, and one we ponder daily. A healthy diet, lots of sleep and minimising stress.

How Much Product Do You Really Need

How Much Product Do You Really Need?

If your skincare products are disappearing quicker than you can say Cleanse & Polish™, and you’re always running out of shampoo, there's a good chance you're using too much.

Cleanse and Polish

James Wong’s botanical lowdown on Cleanse & Polish™

As a science geek, I am forever fascinated not only by the natural properties of plants, but how these can be combined to create a synergic effect that is, almost as if by magic.

Dryness vs Dehydration

Dryness vs Dehydration

Skin feeling tight and looking a little dull? Sounds like you may be experiencing dry skin… or is it dehydrated? What you probably are is confused – and with good reason.