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Cleanse & Polish™ Celebrates 150 Awards

Posted by Caroline Archer

September 29, 2023

2 min read

Since its launch in 1995, this cleanser has taken the nation by storm and having just received our 150th award at QVC (‘Best Cleanse’ in QVC’s Beauty Excellence Awards) we thought it was the perfect moment to reflect on a few special Cleanse & Polish™ milestones.


I’ve chatted to thousands of women since I joined the team over 20 years ago. Whether it’s hearing how people first discovered Cleanse & Polish™, to loyal fans who have never strayed or even those who have been tempted to try something else and return soon after. When they share their experiences with me, it makes being part of Cleanse & Polish™’s story still feel fresh and new.

Cleanse & Polish™

British Vogue’s Millennium Gold Issue was a huge turning point in our brand’s history. I was working in our press office at the time, when beauty predominantly by mail order & QVC was unheard of, and certainly rarely made the glossy beauty news pages. Lizzie Radford, a respected freelance journalist, put together a round-up of cult beauty products that were currently top of the hit parade and those that she predicted would be huge in the coming years. Her prediction on her ‘Midas Touch’ page was wholly accurate, and this put Cleanse & Polish™ on the map. A decade or so later, British Vogue announced their Inaugural Beauty Awards, any guesses which cleanser the Vogue beauty team nominated for its ‘beauty icon’ award? You’ve guessed it, Cleanse & Polish™.

Enriched with the power of nature

The now world-famous Beauty Bible team announced their first awards in 2005. This first win for Cleanse & Polish™ was so important to us because the Beauty Bible recruited real women, in fact it was the biggest ever tried-and-tested awards ever – a real coup for what real women, real customers, you wanted. Industry awards are a happy recognition of how we’re viewed by peers, but awards voted for by customers are the most coveted.


QVC’s Best Cleanser Award is probably now one of our most famous. It has become a mini ‘Hall of Fame’ story for us because we’ve won for 12 years in a row. QVC awards are extra special to us as a brand because QVC is where we started, and we are delighted to still be standing out in the crowded QVC beauty space today.

Enriched with the power of nature

If you haven’t yet tried this jewel in our crown, let me tempt you to put us to the test and see what Cleanse & Polish™ can do for your skin. It is the world’s first naturally active triple-action cleanser and is proven to deeply cleanse, instantly hydrate and smooth skin after the first use. It is also incredibly easy to use and is suitable for all skin types and ages. Our beloved formula lovingly removes make up from your face and eyes, whilst the accompanying cloth gently buffs and exfoliates. It is our bestseller, year in year out, and is the secret to healthy-looking, clear and radiant skin. Whatever your skincare needs, your routine always starts, morning and evening, with a great cleanser.

Did you know?

8/10 agree that this is the best cleanser they’ve used* (LE user trial in 2020, n=115)

It is the UK’s most awarded cleanser with 150 awards & accolades