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No longer just for your gut health, probiotics are taking their place in your skincare routine. Harnessing naturally active pre, pro and postbiotics to help support your skin’s moisture barrier, delve into the science Exfoliating Tonic and here .

We have always formulated our products to be ‘suitable for all skin types’, but after talking to our customers we wanted to dedicate a range to those with even the most dry, sensitive or reactive-feeling skin.

To ensure our Pro-Biotic range is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, it is free from synthetic fragrance. What you may notice is a slight ‘oat-like’ scent – this is simply the natural scent of our powerful naturally active ingredients.

Known as our pro-ageing range, Superskin™ formulas help firm and smooth the appearance of skin to restore youthful radiance. Whereas our ultra-gentle Pro-Biotic skincare is specifically formulated to strengthen the moisture barrier to dramatically improve the look of dry, sensitive skin.

Our paste is actually the perfect partner for your Pro-Biotic routine as it is also fragrance-free and offers an intensive moisturising treatment for dry skin. We recommend using the paste in place of your Pro-Biotic Balancing Night Cream up to 2-3 times a week.*

* Haven’t used CICA Restore Skin Paste before? We would recommend you carry out a patch test prior to using any new skincare product for the first time.

Our Pro-Biotic skincare tubes are made from 55% recycled materials and are easily recyclable. From our lunaria (sourced from farms recognised by the Royal Horticultural Society for benefitting local insect populations) to sustainably grown chicory, gold level traceability has been prioritised.

There is no specific recommended age range for these products, because dryness and sensitivity are common skin concerns regardless of age.

Cleanse & Polish™ has been our sole cleanser for 25 years, transforming cleansing into a beautifully scented, radiant ritual. Ultra-gentle Pro-Biotic Balancing Milk Cleanser has a different purpose – to strengthen the moisture barrier of those who have dry, sensitive or reactive-feeling skin.

If you’re enjoying the results of Skin Repair™ / Superskin™ Moisturiser then we see no reason for you to switch. However, if our Pro-Biotic range appeals more to your specific concerns (dry, sensitive, reactive-feeling) then go for it!