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Superskin™ Advanced Range

Our Superskin™ Advanced Range has been designed to tackle concerns around collagen depleted skin. Our range will plump, smooth and firm your skin; and you will start seeing a difference within 14 days. Suitable for all skin types. For the ultimate results we recommend you use products from the range.

*Consumer testing

Yes our new Superskin™ Advanced Range is fully vegan.​

Yes, the Superskin™ Advanced Range is scented with an uplifting neroli.​

The acacia tree grows in the African savannah in arid conditions, but is still able to produce soft, supple and succulent leaves. ​It creates a sap which is harvested and processed to create an ingredient which has a similar action on skin to that of collagen and has been show to have benefits similar to those of collagen.​

Everyone needs to use what is right for them. We wanted to provide our customers with a natural alternative to collagen that isn’t synthetic or animal derived. It provides a greener, more sustainable, plant-based alternative to collagen, targeting lines and wrinkles, skin roughness and barrier function to help put you back in control of your skin.​

You will see some results instantly! Your skin will feel instantly hydrated, smooth and supple. The longer you use the range the better the results will be – your skin will look firmer and feel plumper after 14 days!​

*Consumer testing

Yes, the packaging for our Superskin™ Advanced Range is fully recyclable in the UK! Check the packaging for recycling instructions.​

The Superskin™ Advanced Range, just like all of our skincare, has been dermatologically tested. The products have been shown to be suitable for, and effective on, all skin types and tones.​

Yes, you will always see the best results when using both products from the Superskin™ Advanced Range.​

Both products in the Superskin™ Advanced Range compliment each other. Our Superskin™ Advanced Nourishing Cleansing Balm gently remove impurities whilst boosting moisture to reveal instantly plumper, smoother looking skin. Superskin™ Advanced Firming Serum-in-Moisturiser​​, a serum within a moisturiser, adds an extra boost of moisture that helps to instantly hydrate skin. ​