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What’s A Toner And What Does It Do?

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co.

February 23, 2022

3 min read

Cleansers and moisturisers might get a lot of the glory, but Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic is the unsung hydrating hero at the heart of our daily 3-step skincare routine. Used after cleansing but before moisturiser, here’s why toner is one of our trusty favourites…

Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic

What is a toner?

In its most basic terms, a toner is a lightweight liquid (generally water-based) full of ingredients that work to refresh and hydrate your skin, while ensuring that your natural moisture isn’t compromised. It’s also an amazing way to prep your complexion for the rest of your routine, leaving it feeling well-balanced and ready to drink up the benefits of serums, oils and moisturisers.

Why should you tone?

Why should you tone?

It’s a question our team gets asked a lot – but when we say it’s a must-have addition to your daily skincare routine, we really mean it. Here’s why we recommend Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic:

  • Leaves skin feeling soothed
  • Brightens the appearance of skin tone
  • Primes skin for the rest of your products and prepares it for optimum moisturisation
  • Replenishes skin with moisture

When should you tone?

When should you tone?

This is one of those skincare constant companions your bathroom shelf should never be without. For the most radiant-looking results and maximum refreshment, we suggest applying toner twice daily after your morning and evening cleanse.

Get plenty of rest

Who should use toner?

Incorporating toner into your daily routine is suitable for everyone, even those with dry or sensitive skin, as long as you’re opting for a gentle, alcohol-free product.

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How to choose the right toner for your skin?

When choosing the right toner for your skin, you’ll need to consider your skin concerns and goals. If your skin needs a boost of hydration and is slightly drier, a soothing toner might be the best option for you. Our Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic is great for replenishing and soothing skin with aloe vera and cucumber extracts.

If your skin looks dull and lacklustre, you might want to look for a toner that provides gentle exfoliation. This will help to remove any dead skin cells from the surface of your skin revealing luminous, glowing skin. Our Smooth & Glow™ Exfoliating Tonic is ideal for these skin concerns.

See how it works

Still a little confused about how exactly this hydration-boosting business works? Our Lifestyle Ambassador, Sarah Carr, made this video for you explaining exactly why a toner helps to prime skin for the rest of your routine.

See how it works
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Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic

Meet your Instant Boost™

Our gentle, bestselling Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic brings together a unique, refreshing blend of aloe vera, calendula, chamomile and cucumber – plus antioxidant vitamin E – to hydrate, soothe and leave skin looking radiantly healthy. Replenishing cleansed skin, it’s also a fragrant treat for the senses, infused with an uplifting blend of essential oils, including rose-scented geranium, lavender and sweet orange.