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Cleanse & Glow™

This cleanser is suitable for vegetarians but is not vegan due to the inclusion of organic black bee honey. We have taken every care to source our black bee honey from beekeeping communities that are committed to the protection and high welfare of these rare black bees. No antibiotics or smoke are used in the production of our honey, and the bees are left to naturally rest during the winter months.

Our iconic Cleanse & Polish™ is ideal for a deeply purifying cleanse, plus gentle physical exfoliation; Cleanse & Glow™ is perfect for an instantly brightening cleanse in a quick rinse-off formula; finally, our Pro-Biotic Balancing Milk Cleanser was expertly formulated for very sensitive, dry or reactive-feeling skin, offering instantly soothing benefits in a fragrance-free formula. Need more help choosing? You can find your perfect match here.

This cleanser has been tested on, and proven to be suitable for, sensitive skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, we recommend doing a patch test with any new product, applying a small amount to your inner elbow and leaving for 24 hours to test suitability for your skin before using on your face. If you do not find Cleanse & Glow™ suitable for your sensitive skin, our Pro-Biotic Balancing Milk Cleanser may be a better match for you.

Customers often tell us that they find some gel cleansers quite stripping, which is why we’ve purposefully designed an innovative formula to prevent this. The texture of Cleanse & Glow™ transforms, melting from a gel to oil, before rinsing off as a skin-softening milk to leave skin feeling comfortable and nourished after use.

Cleanse & Glow™ should be the first step in your routine, before using Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic or moisturiser. Our cleanser has been designed to offer instantly brightening benefits in a quick rinse-off formula, making it ideal for those more time-poor moments where you want something quick and simple, but without compromising on efficacy or sensorial experience.

Yes, this cleanser can be used on the eyes to remove eye make up. However, if you wear heavy or waterproof eye make up, you may find Cleanse & Polish™ more suitable for your needs. Alternatively, our Eyebright™ Soothing Eye Cleanser can be used after your facial cleanse to help remove remaining traces of eye make up.

Our transforming gel texture is designed to enhance both efficacy and luxurious experience. The melting gel-to-oil phase effortlessly breaks down and lifts away SPF, pollution and make up with the help of natural micelles. The cleanser then activates on contact with water to transform into a softening milk, which allows you to effortlessly rinse away these impurities, but without undoing the glowing benefits.

Yes, our cleanser has a beautifully uplifting bergamot scent that is released as you massage the cleanser onto your skin. The product has been tested on, and shown to be suitable for, sensitive skin types.

Instantly! The glowing, brightening skin benefits are instant (after using the cleanser, which takes just 30 seconds!). In fact, an incredible 92% saw brighter skin after first use!*

*Consumer study on 109 participants.