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Superskin™ Alt-Retinol

Neither our booster or overnight paste contain retinol (vitamin A derivative). Instead our formulations contain naturally derived ingredients that provide similar skin smoothing benefits – our retinol alternatives. This is where our range name comes from.

Because our botanicals are not derived from vitamin A and have a different molecular structure, they are not retinols. Instead they are naturally derived, gentler alternatives that mimic retinol’s skin smoothing benefits – which we wanted to make clear in our range name.

While bakuchiol is a popular retinol alternative, we’ve chosen the naturally derived ingredients stevia plant (booster) and Bidens pilosa (paste) for their retinol-like effects. They are also joined by a blend of other naturally active ingredients for additional luxurious skincare benefits.

Yes, our Alt-Retinol products are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. Both products are formulated with natural retinol alternatives and designed to be gentle on skin.

For best results, we recommend using our Alt-Retinol products consistently over 4 weeks and onwards. You’ll begin to see results in the first 2 weeks, but our testing panel saw the biggest visible improvements to their skin in the 2-4 week timeframe, so continued use is highly recommended!

Our Alt-Retinol Booster is water-based and so will sink deeper into surface skin like a serum and should be applied prior to moisturiser. Our Alt-Retinol Skin Paste is a thicker overnight formulation that works on the upper layers of your skin.

We knew that many of our customers were interested in the idea of retinol but were worried about the well-documented irritating side effects. As a botanical brand, we made it our mission to create a cruelty free, naturally derived gentle alternative, harnessing botanical ingredients that mimic the skin-smoothing benefits while also being suitable for sensitive skin. With its youthful-looking results Alt-Retinol was a perfect fit for our pro-ageing Superskin™ range; helping support your skin at every age and life stage.

Each of our Botanical Drops contain 2 different concentrated botanical ingredients designed to instantly brighten, balance or calm the look and feel of skin according to your fluctuating needs. Our Alt-Retinol Booster should be used regularly 2-3 times per week as part of your normal weekly skincare routine for best rejuvenating results.

We recommend wearing an SPF product every day all year round (our Environmental Defence Cream Mineral SPF 25 is great for providing everyday protection). However, our Alt-Retinol range does not increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun like some traditional retinols, so it is not absolutely required.

Our Alt-Retinol Skin Paste contains carrot seed oil for its skin brightening benefits, which gives our formula its natural yellow colouring. If you allow the paste to sink in for 10 minutes post-application, the product shouldn’t transfer onto your pillow. If you do get some transfer, you may not be allowing enough time for the product to absorb or you could be using too much.